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Open Call for Expert Authors

The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends is looking for Expert Authors in: Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Sweden. Compendium Expert Authors are responsible for researching, updating and reviewing their national cultural policy. For more information about the position and the application process, please click here.

Compendium now served from Amsterdam

As of this April the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends has found a new home at the Boekman Foundation in The Netherlands. This foundation will facilitate the activities of the Compendium and help the newly founded association to solidify and grow.

The President of the association´s board, Marjo Mäenpää, is optimistic about the Compendium’s future and stresses the importance of its work: ‘The Compendium is a community of practice that consists of independent researchers who have committed themselves to building a diverse, convincing and up-to date picture of European culture. By sharing this information, we benchmark best cultural practices and are therefore able to monitor if we are doing the right things. The Compendium is there for everyone, to compare and learn'.

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16th Assembly of Compendium Experts

New multi-stakeholder association launched in Prague

The 16th Assembly of Compendium Experts has been held from 8 to 10 November 2017 in Prague in the framework of the Czech Republic’s chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Inter alia, this year's Assembly.

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Compendium features culture-related projects serving the inclusion of migrants / refugees

The Council of Europe works at building inclusive societies. In this context, the cultural sector's contribution can be of great importance, despite still existing ambiguities, as highlighted inter alia by Corina Lacatus (Institute for International Cultural Relations, University of Edinburgh) in her recent essay on "Culture Wars" published in Arts & International Affairs. Based on meaningful examples, she writes: "Art can bridge the gap between the elite art world and the traumatic experience of refugees crossing the Mediterranean in a boat, in order to begin new lives in Europe.".

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Culture & Democracy

Introducing new elements in the THEMES section

Since the start of the Compendium project nearly 20 years ago, topics like cultural access and participation for different groups of the population or multi-stakeholder governance issues were seen as important themes to be dealt with on this information and monitoring platform.

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Check the Intercultural Cities Index!

 The ICC  Index - with a focus on the intercultural integration of migrants and minorities - attempts to assess and compare the current status and performance of now 100 cities (with more to come in the near future).

In 2017, new cities were added to the ICC Index while some cities were re-indexed!

43 Countries

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Additionally there are preparations for the first cultural policy profiles in Iceland, Luxembourg and Belarus.
The number of country profiles should therefore increase to 46 countries.

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