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Proceedings of the symposium on Funding culture, managing the risk (Paris, 16-17 April 2010)
On 16 and 17 April 2010, UNESCO brought together leading experts from the financial, development, academic and cultural sectors for a symposium on ‘Funding Culture, Managing the Risk’ to develop innovative strategies and approaches to improving funding and financing opportunities for culture in developing countries.

Art and society : topical questions : the new technologies, funding and artistic education = L’art et la société : nouvelles technologies, financement et éducation artistique : questions d’actualité (1999)
The 35 articles in this book were presented at the three round tables of the World Congress on the Status of the Artist, June 1997, Paris. The articles cover many different subjects. The main focus is on the changes which have taken place in three main fields: funding, the new technologies as a forum for contemporary creation, and artistic education.

European Union

Good practice report towards more efficient financial ecosystems: innovative instruments to facilitate access to finance for the cultural and creative sectors (2016)
Report looks at the innovative instruments which can facilitate access to finance for the cultural and creative sectors. Such instruments need to be part of well-functioning and efficient financial ecosystems

Creative Europe Media monitoring report 2017 : reaching audiences across borders
The Creative Europe MEDIA Programme supports the European audiovisual sector by funding the creation, distribution and promotion of European works. Monitoring report 2017.

EU funding for museums, galleries & archives in Europe (2019)
In order to understand better the needs of the museum sector with regard to the access and use of the EU funding programmes, the Network of European Museum Organisations (NEMO) has commissioned an analysis of the museums’ participation in the centralized EU funding programmes. The aim of this study is to identify EU trans-national funding received by the museums, galleries and archives sector since 2014. Report and recommendations to EU policy makers to increase the use of the EU centralized funding programmes by the museum sector.


Models to manifestos : a conceptual toolkit for arts and culture. An outcome of the Creative Lenses Project (2019)
Book is an outcome of the four-year Creative Lenses project, a Creative Europe-funded initiative established in 2015 with 13 partners, amongst others Trans Europe Halles,University of Arts London, IETM and P60 (Amstelveen, Netherlands). Started as a quest for ‘business models’ to ‘rescue’ struggling arts and cultural organisations, the project later turned into a wider examination of the sector and its role in the society. It does not only try to understand how such initiatives can survive but rather where they fit in the new dynamic. With case studies a.o. about Nieuwe Helden and P60.

Public Funding of Culture in Europe (2004-2017)
Paper in which the public funding of culture in Europe is presented and discussed on the basis of Eurostat data arranged along the COFOG scheme. A main focus is the position of the post-communist member states of the EU in this regard. Next to total funding, the division between finances from central government budgets and local: regional and municipal sources is also analysed.