Interviews & Opinions

Why Interviews & Opinions?

In order to get a better overview of the topic of freedom of artistic expression, it is necessary to assess and reflect the different perspectives and opinions. For this reason, we will interview different actors from the fields of art and culture, cultural policy and experts within the framework of this campaign.

Furthermore, these interviews with their different perspectives should also serve as hints for potential questions regarding an expert survey or support recommendations for action. The Compendium intends to launch the expert survey in spring 2023 with the aim of recording the status quo of freedom of artistic expression in individual countries. This expert survey will then be continued at regular intervals in order to obtain a monitoring effect.

Who will be interviewed?

  • Sara Wyatt
  • Sanjay Sethi and Johanna Bankston
    Both working at Artistic Freedom Initiative as Co-Executive Director and Human Rights Research Officer, they are the primary drivers of the Artistic Freedom Monitor, the project that produced special reports on Hungary and Poland.
  • Andreas Joh. Wiesand
    Co-editor of the handbook “Culture and Human Rights – The Wroclaw Commentaries”
  • Daniel Gad
    Dr. Daniel Gad is a cultural policy researcher and managing director of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development at University of Hildesheim since 2012. He is head of the Arts Rights Justice Programme and member of the consulting committee of the Martin Roth-Initiative.
  • Katalin Krasznahorkai
    Berlin-based art historian, curator, and author working as a Gerda Henkel Researcher at the University of Zurich and as a Lead Expert Advisor for the Council of Europe.

Further interview partners will be listed here in the coming weeks.

Suggestions for relevant interview partners are always welcomed. Just contact us!