Cultural policy making bodies

Government of the Republic of Lithuania

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

Council for the Protection of Ethnic Culture

Council of Lithuanian National Radio and Television

Department of Cultural Heritage

Department of National Minorities under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

National Commission for Cultural Heritage

Office of the Chief Archivist of Lithuania

Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics

Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania

Secretariat of the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO

State Commission of the Lithuanian Language

State Inspectorate on Language

Professional associations

Architects’ Association of Lithuania

Association of Ethics in the Provision of Information to the Public

Association of Lithuanian Culture Centres

Association of Performing Arts Critics

Association of Vilnius Region Folk Artists

Contemporary Dance Association

Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Lithuanian Association of Artists

Lithuanian Association of Chores

Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects

Lithuanian Composers’ Union

Lithuanian Design Forum Association

Lithuanian Designers’ Society

Lithuanian Filmmakers’ Union

Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association

Lithuanian Museums Association

Lithuanian Musicians’ Union

Lithuanian Theatre Union

Lithuanian Union of Journalists

Lithuanian Writers’ Union

Professional Folk Artists’ Association

The Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators

Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers

Grant-giving bodies

Lithuanian Council for Culture

Lithuanian Film Centre

Press, Radio and Television Support Foundation

Lithuanian Culture Institute

Cultural research and statistics

Outlining directions of cultural policy (2018)

Participation of the Population in Culture and Satisfaction with Cultural Services (ESS-net Culture methodology) (2017)

Feasibility Study Improving Policy Formation and Implementation of Lithuanian Culture Internationalization (2017)

Examination of the Legislation Governing the Protection of Cultural Heritage and the Provision of Services and the Role of the Institutions Involved in the Protection of Cultural Heritage (2019)

Lithuanian Report of Media Pluralism Monitor 2017

Database of Producers and Disseminators of Public Information

Database of Cultural Research of Lithuanian Council for Culture

Surveys and Analysis of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania

Statistics of Culture (provided by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania)

Database of Indicators of the Lithuanian Department of Statistics

Culture / arts portals

Art news portal

Lithuanian theatre news portal

Portal of the biweekly magazine of the Lithuanian Writers' Union
Literature and art

Biannual art magazine in Lithuanian and English

Magazine of the Lithuanian Composers Union
Muzikos barai

Portal of the culture and arts weekly newspaper

Portal of the biweekly culture newspaper
Šiaurės Atėnai

News and information portal of the Lithuanian Museums Association
Museums of Lithuania

Kaunas Artists' House Lithuanian art news website  

Klaipėda art news portal


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