Simon Leenknegt


Simon Leenknegt is part of the research and development team of Flanders Arts Institute, the interface organisation for professional performing arts, visual arts and classical music in Flanders and Brussels, Belgium. Holding an MA in Art History, he was researcher at the department of Theatre Studies at Ghent University and worked in the field of cultural heritage. He has published on topics such as the the distribution of the arts in Flanders and abroad, the socio-economic position of artists, financial structures of arts organisations, developments in cultural policy in Flanders and the art market.

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Until 2018, Joris Janssens, Delphine Hesters and Nikol Wellens prepared the text for the Flemish Community (based on prior material by Els Baeten, Hilde Billiet and Bart Van Der Herten), Isabelle DeVriendt and France Lebon for the French Community, and Edith Bong for the German-speaking Community. 


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