Chiara Cardogna


Chiara Cardogna is a journalist working for the Press Office of the San Marino Department of Foreign Affairs; she is also the national expert of the Steering Committee on Media and Information Society (CDMSI) of the Council of Europe. She holds a degree in Public Relations and Commercial Communications from the Milan International University of Languages and Media (IULM), a master's degree in Public Relations, a master's degree in Communication and a post- graduate diploma in Journalism. Cardogna took a number of refresher courses on memory writing, creative writing and various fields of communication.

Gloria Valentini

Gloria Valentini works for the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Marino in the field of foreign mobility to and from San Marino. She holds a Bachelor degree in International and Diplomatic Affairs from the Bologna University and a Master degree in European and Global Studies from the University of Padua. She is very active in the field of culture at both institutional/public, private/civil society and international level. Her fields of interest are cultural globalisation, the protection of national minorities, the protection of people with disability’s rights in the cultural field and citizenship education.


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