Carmen Croitoru

General manager INCFC

Carmen Croitoru has been an associate professor at the National University of Theatre and since 2011. She has twenty years of experience in teaching cultural management and for the past twenty five years she has been involved in the administration and development of cultural management in Romania. She participated in promoting legal reglementations in this field (such as laws and provisions for implementing management in cultural public organisations and the legal status for the Cultural Manager as a profession).

Croitoru graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Film of Bucharest in 1994 and has a Master’s degree in Theatre Studies and Cultural Management, a Phd in Theatre Studies and an accreditation for training and evaluating cultural public institution managers.

Since 2014, Croitoru has been the general manager of the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (NIRCT). She is also involved in several national and international professional networks: she’s the national representative member for the EU Commission for Creative Sectors, the national representative in the Steering Committee for Culture and Heritage at the Council of Europe (CDCPP), she’s the founder of the Professional Association for Romanian Cultural Managers, a co-founder of the ECUMEST Association and a member of ENCATC and Europeana.

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Until 2015, multiple authors contributed to the Romanian profile over the years: Vladimir Simon, Maria Berza, Delia Mucica, Liviu Chelcea, Anda Becut and Bianca Balsan.

The current Romanian profile (April 2020) was prepared, updated and coordinated by Carmen Croitoru, with the help of her editorial team: Delia Mucică (expert consultant cultural policies), Anda Becuț Marinescu (senior research consultant), Andreea Codreanu (editorial secretary) and Cristina Andrei (translator).

Andreea Codreanu

PR Coordinator - National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (INCFC)

Since 2018, Andreea Codreanu works as a PR coordinator for the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training coordinating the communication and exchange between the INCFC and different international cultural networks such as Culture Action Europe, CUPORE – the Finnish Foundation for Cultural Policy Research, ENCATC – European Network on Cultural Management and Policy, and the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends. Since 2017, she commands the Romanian assistant researcher position within the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends.

Codreanu graduated from the University in Bucharest in 2017 focusing on European studies, international relations, and cultural policy. She has a Master's degree in "Culture and Politics in European and International Contexts".


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