Bård Kleppe

Senior researcher

Bård Kleppe holds a PhD in cultural studies from the University of South-Eastern Norway. His PhD-project was a comparative study of cultural policy in three European countries. Kleppe has worked as a senior researcher at Telemark Research Institute since 2008 and has conducted a number of larger and smaller research projects on e.g. cultural policy. He has published a number of evaluations, reports and scientific articles on these topics.

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Per Mangset

Professor emeritus

Per Mangset is a Sociologist of Culture, Professor emeritus at the University of South-Eastern Norway and a senior researcher at Telemark Research Institute. Areas of interest include leisure; cultural professionalisation; arts audience; models and history of cultural policy in Western Europe; international cultural cooperation; artist roles in transition; comparative sports and cultural policy and entrepreneurialism. Mangset has conducted several large research projects on cultural policy. Together with Dorte Skot-Hansen (Denmark), he initiated the International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR) and coordinated the Scientific Committee of the ICCPR for several years.

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This profile was first prepared by Sigrid Røyseng and Per Mangset and updated by Bård Kleppe and Mangset since 2008.


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