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Key Resources / Informations générales / Hintergrunddokumente

Socio-economic Impacts of Culture / Impacts socio-économiques de la culture / Kulturökonomische und -soziale Einflüsse

Council of Europe / Conseil de l'Europe / Europarat

The wider benefits of investment in cultural heritage (04/2015)
Whether investing in cultural heritage actually produces dividends for local economies and improves the quality of life of communities remains an open question for many policymakers and researchers. Available at the CoE Online Bookshop, this publication reports on a pilot exercise in Bosnia and Herzegovina, carried out by the Research Unit on South Eastern Europe at the European Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science. It develops a methodology for the collection of evidence needed to monitor and evaluate the wider benefits of investment in cultural heritage.

Working Group on Social and Economic Values of Heritage (10/2013)
A new Working Group at the Council of Europe has started its activities in October 2013 with a first meeting. The Group's mandate focuses on to assessing and measuring heritage-related values as stipulated in the "Faro Framework Convention" of the CoE including, but not limited to, those mentioned in Art. 1a "recognise that rights relating to cultural heritage are inherent in the right to participate in cultural life, as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights" and Art. 12a (under the heading "Access to cultural heritage and democratic participation"): "encourage everyone to participate in:
– the process of identification, study, interpretation, protection, conservation and presentation of the cultural heritage;
– public reflection and debate on the opportunities and challenges which the cultural heritage represents".

Cultural participation: New challenges and opportunities (04/2013)
Presentation on the socio-economic impacts of cultural participation by Mr Pier Luigi Sacco Professor of Cultural Economics, IULM University, Milan in the context of the 10th Council of Europe Conference of Ministers of Culture "Governance of Culture – Promoting Access to Culture" in Moscow, Russian Federation, 15-16 April 2013

European Union / Union Européenne / Europäische Union

Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe (6/2015)
The Cultural Heritage Counts for Europe project has resulted in a nearly 300 page report for tapping into heritage’s full potential. It provides compelling evidence of the value of cultural heritage and its impact on Europe’s economy, culture, society and the environment. The full report and the report’s executive summary are available for free download.

The Impact of Culture on Creativity (2009)
A study realised for the European Commission by KEA. The report develops the concept of culture-based creativity, stemming from art and cultural productions or activities which nurture innovation, and going beyond artistic achievements or “creative content” feeding broadband networks, computers and consumer electronic equipments.

Research / Recherches / Forschung

Cultural Participation and Wellbeing - What do the data tell us? (1/2018)
The - actually quite important - role of culture in constructing and consolidating the bases for social cohesion and inclusion and for individual and collective wellbeing is being investigated in this fourth issue of a regular Dossier published by the Social Observatory of "la Caixa". The current issue is edited by Anna Villarroya and Vicky Ateca-Amestoy. It compares Spain with the EU average and selected countries, analysing the factors that determine the cultural participation of citizens and reflecting on how to guarantee equal conditions for such participation.

Business tools for measuring socio-economic impact a model for culture? (5/2015)
In 2013, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) published the guide Measuring socio-economic impact: A guide for business. The guide presents, inter alia, 10 existing, publicly available tools which have been developed for business and which companies are increasingly applying and tries to translate the specific methods and terminology often used in that context for a business audience. Since some of these tools could be seen as a challenge to public and private organisations operating in the arts and media domains, we would like to ask policymakers, researchers and operators about their experiences (and instruments) in this field of activity.

Culture 3.0: The impact of culture on social and economic development, & how to measure it (11/2013)
A presentation made by Mr Pier Luigi Sacco Professor of Cultural Economics, IULM University, Milan on the different impacts of culture on social and economic development.

The Impact of Culture on Education (2010)
This article analyses in which way cultural tendencies impact on the way children participate in education. It describes different expectations about "normal" school behavior for students from individualist and collectivist cultures.

The Impact of Culture on Tourism (2009)
This OECD publication concentrates on the different impacts that culture can have on tourism and examines the growing relationship between tourism and culture, and the way in which they have together become major drivers of destination attractiveness and competitiveness.

The Impact of Culture on Interactions: Five Lessons Learned from the European Commission (2008)
Using data collected from 25 interviews with Austrian employees in the EuropeanCommission, this article explores the conditions under which cultural differences do and do not influence interactions.

The Social Effects of Culture (2006)
Dick Stanley is presenting the results of a workshop analysing the social effects of culture that were published in the Canadian Journal of Communication. 

The Role of the Arts in Social Inclusion (2005)
This report from Jo Barraket was commissioned by the Brotherhood of St Laurence and the University of Melbourne as part of a preliminary analysis of the role of the arts in building social inclusion.