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Margaret Tali

Researcher, Centre for Civil Society Study and Development, University of Tallinn

Narva mnt. 29, 10120 Tallinn  



Margaret Tali is a researcher and PhD student in Sociology by Tallinn University, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences. She has graduated from Art History and Cultural Theory stuides in Estonian Academy of Arts and University of Helsinki, where she pursued her research by the Christina Institute as a fellow of Open Society Institute. Previously, she has worked as an editor in Art Museum of Estonia publishing house; and by the weekly newspaper "Eesti Ekspress". She has lectured on the topic of sociology of art in Tallinn University and Academy of Music and Theatre and contributed to several magazines, and article collections writing on Estonian cultural policy, contemporary dance and art institutions. Currently she is pursuing a research together with Laura Pierantoni on the topic of "Contemporary Art Museums in the Central Eastern Europe. Art and the Social, Political and Economic Development", which was awarded with the Research Fellowship in Economics of Contemporary Art by Giovanni Agnelli Foundation in 2007.