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Anna Villarroya

Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Barcelona

Melcior de Palau, 140
08014 Barcelona
Tel: +34 934 037 021
Fax: +34 934 035 772



Compendium expert author since: 2006


Anna Villarroya studied Law and Economics at the University of Barcelona, followed by a Mater's degree in Economics of Education at the Institute of Education (University of London). In 2000, she obtained her PhD in Econo;ics of the Public Sector at the University of Barcelona and her thesis won the First Nationl Prize on Educational Research, awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

In 1993, she started working at the University of Barcelona where she taught "Political Economy". She extended her fields of interest to the study of educational and cultural policies, as well as to the analysis of economics of education and culture. Since 2009, she is Associate Professor at the Department of Political Economy at the University of Barcelona, where she teaches different topics related to the "Economics of Culture".

Villaro6ya is member of the Gender Equality Committee of the University of Barcelona, as well as of the GENDER Working Group of the LERU (League of European Research Universities) where she represents the University of Barcelona. Her main current research interests include: Women and cultural policies; Cultural participation; Labor cultural markets.

Since 2017, she is president of the European Association of Cultural Researchers and Board member of the new Association of the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends.