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Olexsandr Butsenko

Director of the Development Centre "Development through Culture", adviser at the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, consultant of the Parliament of Ukraine Committee of Culture and Religions

19 Dobrosusidska St, 03138, Kyiv
Tel: + 380 68 943 00 78

E-mail: ;

Compendium expert author since: 2004


Oleksandr Butsenko is the director of the Development Centre ''Democracy through Culture'', adviser of the President of National academy of Arts of Ukraine, consultant of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine Committee on Culture and Religions, Member of the European Cultural Parliament, UNESCO global facilitator on intangible cultural heritage, and the an independent expert on cultural policies issues.

He is the initiator of government programs linked with the third sector, creative industires and cultural heritage, as well as of a set of international projects related to culture- oriented development of local communities.

Mr Butsenko has profound experience in managing, research and analytical activities, PR management, trannslation, editing and journalism. He has pulished a great deal of translated works in the Ukraine: from fiction (novels of J. Didion, A. Burgess, D. Hammett, E. Sabato etc.) and poems to social philosophic and economic works (Karl Popper's Open Society and Its Ennemies, Deborah Stone's Policy Paradox, Zygmunt Bauman's and Leonidas Donskis' Moral Blindness and Liauid Evil, etc.).

He was an initiator and editor-in-chief of the information bulletin "Dialogue"devoted to theory and practice of cultural policies and cultural development in Europe.