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Jean-Cédric Delvainquière

Chargé d'études, Département des Etudes, de la Prospective et des Statistiques, Ministère de la culture et de la communication,

182, rue Saint-Honoré, 7ème étage, bureau 7.096, 75033 Paris Cedex 01
Tel : +33 1 4015 7907
Fax: +33 1 4015 7999



Jean-Cédric Delvainquière has been a research officer in the Department of Studies, Future Trends and Statistics (DEPS) in the French Ministry of Culture and Communication since 1997. Trained as an economist (Master in 1991), he had been involved for 5 years (1991-1996) in the research carried on by the European Commission on local economic development and social exclusion strategies (in the frame of the programme "Poverty 3"). In charge at the DEPS of issues relating to public funding for culture and domestic cultural policies, he is responsible for the surveys on local cultural expenditure.

He has been involved in the research supported by the Ministry on cultural diversity and now contributes on the topic of cultural attractiveness; he also participates in the work on regional cultural policies and on their economic dimensions.

Member of the French planning Office (called the Plan), working group on the cultural attractiveness of France (from 2003 to 2005), he was also involved in the Eurostat work group on the harmonisation of statistics on European cultural funding (from 2000 to 2004) and still contributes to several international comparisons studies, among which the Compendium on cultural policies of the Council of Europe and ERICarts.

In addition, he gives lecturers at the Paris VII "Denis Diderot" University on Local Cultural Policies and at the University of Avignon, on National and European Cultural Institutions.