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Carmen Croitoru

Bd Unirii, nr. 22 and 2, sector 3

030833 Bucarest

Tel: 021 891 91 03


Compendium expert author since: 2014

Compendium board member Carmen Croitoru is an Associate Professor at the National University of Theatre and Cinema and coordinator of the Cultural Management and Cultural Marketing dicipline since 2011. She has 20 years of experience in teaching cultural management and for the last 25 years she has been involved in the administration and development of cultural management in Romania. She participated in promoting legal reglementations in this field (such as laws and provisions for implementing management in cultural public organisations and the legal status for the Cultural Manager as a profession).

Croitoru graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Film of Bucharest in 1994 and has a master’s degree in Theatre Studies as well as a master degree in Cultural Management, a Phd in Theatre Studies and an accreditation for training and evaluating cultural public institution managers.

She worked as a project developer for several important cultural projects: the first British Contemporary Theatre Festival in Bucharest, the Contemporary Dance Festival and for translations of contemporary plays that have been staged in several theatres in Romania. She contributed to several research studies concerning audience development, cultural consumption, and national strategies for Culture or analysis on Cultural Creative Sectors.

Since 2014, Croitoru has been the General Manager of the National Institute for Cultural Research and Training (NIRCT). She is also involved in several national and international professional networks; she’s the national representative member for the EU Comission for Creative Sectors, the national representative in the Steering Committee for Culture and Heritage at the Council of Europe (CDCPP), she’s the founder of the Professional Association for Romanian Cultural Managers, a co-founder of the ECUMEST Association and a member of ENCATC and Europeana.