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Andrej Srakar

Research Assistant

Institute for Economic Research
Kardeljeva ploščad 17, 1109 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: +386 1 5303 800


Andrej Srakar graduated from Cultural Studies and made his M.Sc. in Non-Profit Management, both from the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. In 2015 he completed his Ph.D. in Economics at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana with the thesis on microeconomic modelling of deaccessioning in museums.

He is employed at the Institute for Economic Research in Ljubljana as Graduate Research Assistant and at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana as Teaching Assistant. He also teaches economic subjects and cultural policy and management as visiting lecturer at University of Ljubljana and University of Maribor.

His main fields of interest are cultural economics and economics of cultural policy, economics of ageing (SHARE database), macroeconomics, econometric and statistical theory and applications and mathematical economics in general. In 2010, he published his monograph Economic Valorisation of Art Events: Art Between Market and the State, which was the first monograph on cultural economics by a Slovenian author. He regularly participates at international conferences and publishes in scientific journals and publications home and abroad. During 2010-2013 he was initiator and main coordinator of three larger scientific events in cultural economics in Slovenia: »Economics of the Visual Arts« (2010); »Culture – Potentials for Development?« (2012); Sixth EWACE – European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics (2013). He is also co-author of several research reports for the European Parliament, European Commission and European Expert Network on Culture (EENC).