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 Bosnia and Herzegowina

Ranko Risojevic

Director, National and university library of the Republic of Srpska

Jevrejska 30
78000 Banja Luka
Bosnia and Herzegovina


Ranko Risojević was born on 08 August 1943 in Kalenderi, the municipality of Kostajnica.  He is a teacher of mathematics and physics, and by choice a poet, writer of prose, essayist, historian of mathematics, translator.

He has had about fourty books published, about ten of his radio-plays, five drama texts for children and two for adults have been performed.  He has prepared about ten books of poetry and prose to be published. 

Beyond literature, he wrote a biography of the academician, composer, and musicologist Vlado Milošević: “Vlado S. Milošević, one century“, “Great mathematicans“, and “Famous Arabic mathematicans“.  As a project manager he processed the Cultural Development Strategy in the Republic of Srpska from 2003-2007.  He took part in designing the two cultural development strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina of which the one is a kind of a compendium, and the other a Draft Cultural Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For his literary work Mr.Risojevic has been awarded several times, and the most important awards are:

  • Zeljezara Sisak Award for the book of poetry Dust
  • Laza Kostic Award for the book of prose The Murmur
  • Award of Politikin Zabavnik for the book for children John’s opening,
  • Pecat varoski sremsko-karlovacke and Skender Kulenovic Awards for the book of poetry First world and
  • Branko Copic Award of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts for the novel The Bosnian executioner

He has participated in numerous symposiums for librarians and other summits in his country and abroad, where he has been reading reports on the situation and development of library science in the Republic of Srpska.

In 2003 Ranko Risojevic, as a director of the National and university library of the Republic of Srpska, was awarded the prestigious Academic palm Award, a significant recognition of merits and francophone development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  This decoration of chivalric order was given by the ambassador of the Republic of France Bernard Bajolet, and the French minister of education Jacques Lang signed this recognition. 

Ranko Risojevic is a director of the National and university library of the Republic of Srpska since 1999.