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Monitoring Standards, Developments and Trends in Cultural Policy

The Compendium Community is engaged in a number of exercises to monitor.

Standard Setting Instruments

Has your government ratified the key Cultural Conventions introduced in Europe over the past 60 years? What have they done to implement these Conventions? The Compendium Community has begun to track developments in their countries. An overview of what they found is presented in several tables monitoring different aspects of the:

  • 1954 European Cultural Convention;
  • 1992 European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages;
  • 2001 European Convention for the Protection of the Audiovisual Heritage; and
  • 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

CoE Cultural Policy Reviews

The Compendium community will begin to monitor how governments, who have recently completed a National Cultural Policy Review, have followed-up on key recommendations. For the time being, check to see whether your country has participated in this programme. If so, a link has been made to the original National Review and Experts Reports.


Developments in National Laws and Policies

What new cultural laws have been recently introduced in Europe? How have the cultural policy priorities of individual countries changed over the past ten years? Have there been any new legal and policy developments to improve the socio-economic status of artists in Europe?

If you are looking for monitoring trends in public funding, participation and the cost of cultural goods and services, updated tables are now posted to the Statistics Section of this site.

Comparative tables on public bodies and priorities, legislation and policy measures, cultural participation and consumption remain in the Comparisons Section.