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Impact & Actors

The Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe is a public information and monitoring service designed for:

  • government officials to use in their policy making activities (policy conception, comparison, follow-up) and to keep the public informed about cultural policy developments in their country and in other countries
  • the Council of Europe to monitor cultural policy developments and trends at national and European level, contribute to transversal political analysis, follow-up on standards (good practices, recommendations, conventions) 
  • for researchers to conduct comparative policy analysis
  • for networks and NGOs providing input to their information and lobbying activities
  • for journalists writing about cultural policy developments in their own country and to compare them with other countries
  • for students as an information resource they can use in their courses on cultural administration, management and cultural policy.

Connecting with our users is important to us. Click on a target group to access users websites and resources and examples of how the Compendium information and data has been put to use.

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