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on cultural rights and ethical issues in cultural (policy) contexts

In this space, basic - and sometimes controversial - ethical and/or cultural rights issues in the arts, the media and cultural policy will be presented for further discussion. Participation from among the Compendium users is much appreciated (please use the "Comments" function to be found at the end of main contributions).

We start with an introduction to some of the main topics and instruments in this domain:

Defining cultural rights (2010)

Ethics and Rights Issues in Cultural Policy in Europe (2009)

This tour d'horizon is the introductory part of a paper for CultureWatch Europe , aimed also at enhancing conceptual discussions and structural planning of the Compendium community of practice. It has been written by John A. Foote, former Senior Policy Research Adviser for the Department of Canadian Heritage and author of the Canadian country profile - he is now working as an advisor for the  Compendium Expert Group "Legal Affairs and Human/Cultural Rights"   (for more information see ConnectCP).  

Forthcoming issues for debate (please propose your own ideas here):

  • The sometimes difficult relationship between Freedom of Religion (Article 9 ECHR) and Freedom of Expression (Article 10 ECHR) - as experienced in the so-called "Danish Muhammad Caricature Conflict", but reaching beyond this clash of views; and
  • Issues around advocating "positive measures" for e.g. minorities or womenin the lightof common principles of "non-discrimination".

The Compendium Editors hope that the envisaged discussions will contribute to insights and to intercultural respect, both of which are needed for the development of a "culture of human rights".