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Over the last couple of weeks, Compendium core contributor Oliver Göbel has done an impressive amount of updating work on comparative statistical tables, the Good Practice Database and our themes section. There are a few highlights we would like to share, for example the newly updated table on cinema admission in Europe and the European recreation and culture expenditure index. ....

The Good Practice Database has been updated with five new culture-related initiatives that serve the integration of migrants and refugees. The Swiss exposition Displaced (Flucht), for example, has visitors experience the different stages of a refugee’s journey, and the Beyond Theater project helps job seeking refugees in Warsaw, Antwerp and Bologna to broaden their employment horizon to the fields of art, culture, craft and gastronomy.

Within the Culture & Democracy Themes of the Compendium’s website, Göbel added new and interesting key resources for – among others – cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and cultural participation. Before the end of this year, gender equality will be introduced as a standalone theme along with the related policies, statistics and resources. Göbel is also working on plans for how to present comparative information most practically on the future website, which is scheduled to be developed in 2019.