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New Finnish short cultural policy profile

Finland is currently preparing for a major health, social services and regional government reform. After this reform, there should be 18 autonomous counties in operation in 2021. This is one of the new cultural policy developments that can be reviewed in the new Finnish short profile. The transfer will most likely have significant implications for the Finnish cultural sector, as the reform will affect the finances of individual municipalities and their ability to perform the tasks that will remain with them....

The purpose of the reform is to rationalise public-sector administration at the state, regional and municipal levels. One of the duties of the new counties is to promote the identity and culture of the regions. At this point, it is still not clear how the reform will change and develop the roles, responsibilities and resources relating to arts and culture in the counties.

The reform also places municipalities in a new situation. The biggest change will be the transfer of the responsibility for organizing health and social services to the counties. In the post-reform municipalities, the education and culture sector will thus have a major role, with the largest share of municipal funding to be directed to this sector, of which education will claim the majority.