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Comparative Overviews


The Compendium comparative tables presented in this section provide an overview of how cultural policy is organised and how particular cultural policy issues are addressed in different countries.

The information contained in the comparative tables is mainly derived from individual country profiles. References to the corresponding chapter in the country profiles are indicated.  In some cases, external sources have been used to complement the information available.

NOTE: Tables monitoring the implementation and introduction of cultural legislation and policies over time are found in the new Monitoring Section. Comparative statistics on cultural funding (with additional links to documents disclosing or discussing recent cuts in public financing of the arts and heritage) are available in the Statistics Section .


A new section on Research & Policy has been added where you will find a first set of links to research articles on comparative cultural policy analysis and methodologies.

It was created as part of an ongoing effort by the Compendium editors to advance the linkages between cultural policy making and comparative research.

Researchers and students are invited to submit their articles for review and publication on this section of the site.