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Canada/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.5 Cross-border intercultural dialogue and co-operation

Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE): In 2006, Canada participated in the OSCE Tolerance Implementation Meeting on Promoting Inter-Cultural, Inter-Religious and Inter-Ethnic Understanding, held June 12-13, 2006 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The meeting focused on the role of governments and civil society in creating a context for inter-cultural, inter-religious and inter-ethnic understanding, with a view to ensuring inclusiveness and respect for diversity. During the meeting, Canada shared good practices on multiculturalism and social cohesion policies.

Canadian International Model United Nations (CANIMUN): Both PCH and DFAIT support the Conference, a four-day bilingual event held in Ottawa annually. Organised by the United Nations Association in Canada (UN-Canada) in partnership with DFAIT and PCH, CANIMUN offers a unique model for post-secondary level delegates from across Canada and around the world.

The Youth on the Move Programme (DFAIT): provides opportunities to both young Canadians and Europeans to work or travel on both sides of the Atlantic. By gaining exposure to new cultures, values, ideas, languages and ways of life, youth gain the kind of experience that promotes knowledge and skills to work in the global knowledge-based economy. The programme's Youth and Academic Mobility Unit for Europe has a mandate to promote youth and academic mobility programmes to young people in Canada and in Europe between the ages of 18 and 35. DFAIT manages more than seventy bilateral and multilateral International Youth Programmes in 54 countries and organisations. These programmes, agreed upon on a reciprocal basis, facilitated more than 56 000 exchanges worldwide in 2006.

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Chapter published: 24-11-2008

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