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Belgium/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.4 Support to professional artists associations or unions

Flemish Community of Belgium

In Belgium, labour unions - which have divisions focussing on the cultural sector - receive public support through regulations of labour and employment (on the federal level).

The Flemish Government does not consider support to federations and associations representing the voice and interest of artists or art organisations as a government task, as is stated in the Policy Letter of Minister Gatz (2014-2019).

French-speaking Community of Belgium

In most cases, associations or federations of artists receive subsidies for their activities and operation. Such associations are particularly represented in the field of performing arts: performing arts, children’s and youth theatre, jazz, rock, choreography and show planners.

In the world of books, associations of publishers, librarians and booksellers are supported, as well as a network of people running writing workshops.

Support is given to associations of artisanal creators and museums active in the field of the plastic arts and museums.

Artists’ residencies are on the increase, with placements playing a particular role as part of the missions in the programme contracts of the big artistic institutions, and most of the cultural centres which have suitable infrastructure.

The organisations representing accredited users (ORUA), professional federations recognised by the French-speaking Community of Belgium, are intended to represent their sector in the advisory bodies:

  • SACD
  • Union des artistes
  • Action theatre
  • Technicians
  • Choreographers

Not all these organisations are subsidised by the French-speaking Community of Belgium: many of them operate thanks to a system of contributions from their members.

German-speaking Community

Most arts groups are amateur arts associations, of which only a few have achieved a semi-professional status. Most of the cultural players in the German-speaking Community operate in an honorary capacity. Organisations that operate full time are mainly in the area of organising cultural events and museums, but many still rely on financial support from the German-speaking Community.

Chapter published: 16-01-2018

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