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Belgium/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

Flemish Community of Belgium

Aside of the aforementioned public funding for artists (see chapter 8.1.1), Flanders does not have specific funds - public nor private - oriented towards artists.

French-speaking Community of Belgium

The French-speaking Community of Belgium seeks to support the professionalization of the artistic sector via multi-year agreements signed with the artists, including creative teams and institutionalised structures (musical groups, theatres, dance or circus companies, etc.) as well as the major festivals and the information, training and promotional bodies in the various artistic fields.

The French-speaking Community of Belgium is likewise anxious to support young creators, with refinancing of one-off aid payments. There is a particular focus on young contemporary creation.

The final priority is to boost the development of proximity links and to recognise professional outreach points, alongside the cultural centres accredited by the French-speaking Community of Belgium. The aim is to lay down the perfect conditions for audiences to encounter creations.

Several locations in French speaking Community offer to host artists in residence. A directory registers these residences by sector and is published on the website Several types of residences exist and offer either a workspace or creation.

Furthermore, support for the mobility of artists is set up at WBI and covers artist residencies, exhibitions, participation in internationally renowned biennials and international conferences abroad. In this context, WBI provides scholarships for artists’ residencies abroad. To qualify for these supports, a call for applications is launched on their website. For example, supports are dedicated for artists in residence at the island of Comacina (Italy), Paris, Germany, etc.

Chapter published: 16-01-2018

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