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Belgium/ 6. Financing of culture  

6.1 Short overview

In the context of the division of responsibilities in the Belgian federal State, cultural policy is mainly the core competence of the communities: the Flemish, French and German-speaking Community. However, different other levels of government are involved in financing culture: the federal State (primarily via the large institutions in Brussels), the Regions (via monuments and sites and the part played by culture existing within social action and in the field of socio-professional integration); the provinces, the Committees of the Flemish and the French Community (in the Brussels-Capital Region) and the municipalities.

French Community

The French-speaking Community of Belgium gives a sizeable budgetary allowance to the Committee of the French Community, to which it delegates the exercise of some of its cultural responsibilities in Brussels. This Committee is a public administration which reports to the Brussels-Capital Region.

The RTBF (public service radio and TV) enjoys a management contract to fulfil its remit, with the corresponding funding written into the budget of the Ministry of the French-speaking Community of Belgium (+/-210 000 000 EUR).

No sectors of cultural policy have their management delegated to foundations or other private bodies. The cinema and audio-visual centre which enjoys an allowance is managed within the Administration of the General Audio-visual Service of the French-speaking Community of Belgium.

The French-speaking Community of Belgium has created an independent administrative authority, the Higher Audio-visual Council (CSA). This has responsibility for regulating the broadcasting sector in the French-speaking Community of Belgium. In order to be able to carry out its supervisory and advisory role on broadcasting, the Government of the French-speaking Community of Belgium enters into a financing contract with the CSA which lays down, for a 5-year period, the amount of funding to the Higher Audio-visual Council.

The Mariemont Royal Museum is a separately managed body which receives funding from the French-speaking Community of Belgium. This museum holds collections of antiques and archaeological finds. It is very actively involved in science, education and cultural dissemination.

Chapter published: 16-01-2018

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