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Belgium/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.4 Literature and libraries

Flemish Community


All regulations emanate from the Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren [Flemish Literature Fund] (established by Flemish Parliament Act of 30 March 1999, amended on 29 July 2004):

Its policy is aimed at supporting creation, production, presentation and conversation. To this end, it grants subsidies, information and documentation. It also organizes and finances projects, collaboration platforms and other initiatives.


  • Local Cultural Policy Flemish Parliament Act (2012); and
  • public lending rights: Copyright Act (2004).

French-speaking Community of Belgium

  • Decree of 5 July 1985 of the French Community Executive Creating a Literary Commission of the French Community and Order of 19 May 1989 (amendments);
  • Decree of 4 April 1988 of the French Community Executive Laying down the Models of Aid for Publishing in the French Community;
  • Decree of 28 March 1990 of the French Community Executive Creating the Book Council of the Wallonia-Brussels French Community;
  • Decree of 23 October 1991 of the French Community Executive Laying down the Forms of Aid for Dissemination in the French Community;
  • Edict of 28 February 1978 Organising the Public Reading Service; Decrees of 21 October 1988, of 19 July 1991 and of 30 November 1992 (amendments); and
  • Decree of 14 March 1995 of the French Community Government in Respect of the Organisation of the Public Reading Service; Orders of 2 September 1997 and of 8 November 1999 (amendments).

German-speaking Community

  • 15.06.1994 – Public Libraries Decree.

Chapter published: 16-01-2018

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