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Albania/ 3. Competence, decision-making and administration  

3.2 Overall description of the system

After the 2009 elections, there were a few changes in the apparatus of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. There are three Deputy Ministers now, covering Tourism, Culture and Sports. In addition, there are four General Directorates, as follows:

  • Tourism and Cultural Heritage;
  • Arts Policies;
  • Sports and Youth Policies; and
  • Support Services

Each of the first three General Directorates are directly responsible to the three Deputy Ministers - it is questionable whether there is any need for those Directorates as a General Directorate is a single officer role.

The General Directorate of Support Services reports directly to the Minister.

The Minister's Cabinet is responsible for the implementation of policies and strategies and organises institutional contacts for the Minister in the country and abroad.

The Board of Advisers to the Minister observes all activities of the Ministry and supports him / her through advice and suggestions.

The Directorate of Cultural Heritage was created in July 1998 to reflect the increasing importance of the sector in terms of policy making and programme development. After the Ministry was joined with the Ministry of Tourism and Public Works on 6 September 2005, the Directorate was renamed the Directorate of Tourism and Cultural Heritage. Its main objectives are:

  • the protection of the cultural heritage, keeping in mind the modernisation and economic developments of the country, as well as of the tourism industry;
  • to involve outside specialists who are distinguished for their work in this field;
  • to raise awareness and inform citizens about legislation and policy developments in this field;
  • to establish and strengthen international co-operation; and
  • to find financing solutions.

The General Directorate of Arts Policies is responsible for selecting artistic projects to be supported by the Ministry which are in line with cultural policies and programmes. It also manages exchange programmes and co-operation projects abroad. Projects are selected by an ad hoc group appointed by the Minister of Culture and are approved by the minister. The Book sector was created in July 1998 to protect the universal and constitutional right of citizens to information and education through books, and to develop policies for book distribution and the promotion of reading. It aims to create a climate favourable to private initiatives in the book market, and it is also responsible for libraries.

The Directorate of Youth Policies was created in July 1998 to develop policies in the field of youth, with the special aim to promote the principles of an open, civil and democratic society among young people.

The General Directorate of Supporting Services is responsible for planning and monitoring the budget of the Ministry. The Personnel and Services Department develops and monitors procedures in the appointment of experts intended to co-operate with the different areas of the Ministry, organises and supervises the work of Ministry personnel and, in general, monitors how the laws and regulations of the government and of the Ministry are respected.

The Directorate of Drafting and Approximating of Legislation and Juridical Services formerly the Department of Juridical Division and Copyright supports and advises the work of the ministry in all legal questions and monitors the application of legislation. It also drafts and proposes appropriate laws and legal frameworks in the cultural field.

TheDirectorate of Internal Audit supervises the way in which the state budget is used in accordance with the forms and the rules foreseen in the legislation of the Republic of Albania.

Chapter published: 06-02-2019

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