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United Kingdom/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

The fundamental aim of UK cultural policy is to make "the best things in life available to the largest possible number of people". Its goals are to increase and deepen access to and participation in the cultural (as well as sporting) life of the nation, to ensure the experience on offer is truly excellent and fulfils the potential that cultural activity has to change people's lives.

To achieve its vision to promote and champion excellence and improve access in all its sectors, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport developed four strategic objectives for 2008-2011 around which its work is organised. The four strategic objectives are:

  • Opportunity: Encourage more widespread enjoyment of culture, media and sport;
  • Excellence: Support talent and excellence in culture, media and sport;
  • Economic impact: Realise the economic benefits of the Department's sectors; and
  • Olympics: Deliver a successful and inspirational Olympic and Paralympic Games with a sustainable legacy.

The DCMS Public Service Agreement (PSA) targets are linked to its strategic priorities. PSAs set out each government department's aims, objectives and key targets. They are agreed with HM Treasury and form an integral part of the spending plans set out in Spending Reviews.

For objectives specific to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland see chapter 4.1.

Chapter published: 15-04-2011

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