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Ukraine/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.4 Higher arts education and professional training

Higher arts education institutions under the Ministry of Culture include 54 communal- owned establishments of I-III level of accreditation and 10 state-owned establishments of I-IV level of accreditation (see also chapter 8.3.1).

Using the official school curriculum, the percentage of annual instructional hours intended for arts education in relation to the total number of instructional hours for all subjects in the first two years of secondary school (according to UNESCO methodology) were identified (see table 28). The first two years of secondary school are grades 10-11 and data was calculated for these grades using the Standard Curricula for secondary schools adopted by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU) as of 2015. It's necessary to note that basic skills in drawing, painting, music, dance, applied arts are taught in 5-8 grades. In grades 10-11, arts education could be related to such subjects as “Culture of arts”, “World literature”, “Ukrainian literature” etc. Other courses allocated to arts education hours are drama, dance, graphics, but they are elective subjects.

Table 28:  Arts education hours in grades 10-11 at secondary school level, 2015-2016



Total Number of Instructional Hours


Number of Instructional Hours Dedicated to Arts Education


% of the Number of Instructional Hours Dedicated to Art


Source:  MESU, Secondary school curricula (2015-2016).

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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