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Ukraine/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.3 Status and partnerships of public cultural institutions

A cultural institution that has been granted a "national" status is entitled to receive direct financial support from the central government and special standards of material provision. From 1992-1994 the decision to grant this status was the prerogative of the Presidential Administration, through the Cabinet of Ministers. A presidential edict of 1994 reserved the right to grant this status to the President only.

The most important national cultural institutions are:

  • National Academy T. Shevchenko Opera Theatre;
  • National Academy I.Franko Drama Theatre;
  • National Academy L.Ukrayinka Russian Drama Theatre;
  • National Philharmonic Society;
  • Odesa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre;
  • Kyiv National Academy Operetta Theatre;
  • Ukrainian National Academy Folk Choir Named after H. Veriovka;
  • National Merited Dance Company Named after P. Virsky;
  • National Merited Bandura Players Company Named after H. Maiboroda;
  • National Merited Academy Choir "Dumka";
  • National Merited Academy Symphony Orchestra;
  • National Folkloric Orchestra;
  • National House of Organ and Chamber Music;
  • National Circus;
  • National Company of Soloists "Chamerate of Kyiv";
  • Lviv State Academy M. Zankovetska Ukrainian Drama Theatre;
  • Lviv Oblast Philharmonic Society;
  • Luhansk Oblast Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre;
  • State Dance and Symphony Orchestra;
  • State Brass Band;
  • Odesa State Philarmonic Orchestra;
  • State Theatre Centre Named after L. Kurbas;
  • State Enterprise "State Circus Company of Ukraine";
  • Touring Administration of Circus Companies of Ukraine;
  • Donets State Circus; and State Circus of Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kryvy Rig, Luhansk, Odessa, Lviv, Sevastopol, Simferopol, Kharkiv; and
  • Administration of the House of Art Companies (Kyiv).

In addition to the national institutions, the following major cultural institutions are directly under the authority of the Ministry of Culture:

  • Enterprise "International Agency Ukraine-Art";
  • Ukrainian Centre of Festivals and Concert Programmes;
  • Film Studio "Ukrainian Animation";
  • National Kinematics of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian Newsreel Studio;
  • Odesa Film Studio;
  • National History Museum of Ukraine;
  • National Art Museum;
  • National 1941-1945 War History Museum;
  • State Museum of Literature;
  • State Open-Air Museum of Architecture;
  • Administration of Art Exhibitions;
  • National Parliament Library;
  • State Historical Library;
  • Kharkiv State Scientific Library;
  • Odesa State Scientific Library;
  • State Children's Library;
  • Kyiv State Choreographic Scool;
  • Lviv Cinema Technical School;
  • National Chaikovsky Music Academy;
  • Odesa State Conservatory;
  • Ukrainian Academy of Art;
  • Kyiv Theatre Institute;
  • Kyiv State University of Culture; and
  • National Academy for Managing Personnel in Culture and Art.

In July 2017, the Ministry of the Economy and Trade of Ukraine announced the intention to privatise all state companies related to circus activities. In particular, this related to the National Circus of Ukraine, state companies Kharkiv State Circus named after Yashynov, Dnipropetrovsky State Circus, Odesky State Circus, Zaporizky State Circus, Kryvorizky State Circus, Lvivsky State Circus, State Circus Company of Ukraine, Touring Administration of Circus Companies of Ukraine, Ukrainian Creative Administration for Circus Attractions and Tricks.

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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