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Ukraine/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

The Law on Architecture Activities (1999, 2006) defines legal and organisation principles of architecture activities in Ukraine. It also envisages wide public participation in decision-making process concerning construction and reconstruction of settlements.

The Law on Natural and Reserve Fund of Ukraine (1992) and the Law on Amendments to the Law on Natural and Reserve Fund of Ukraine (2000-2011) establish principles of preservation for reserved territories subject to architecture design.

The State Strategy for Regional Development for 2020 approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution #385 of 6 August 2014, defines as one of its key priorities the territorial social and economic integration and spatial development. It could be reached, as the Strategy states, by a set of interconnected objectives, in particular: rational use of natural and resource potential, preservation of cultural heritage and the most valuable natural territories. The Strategy envisages: preservation of historical and cultural values and natural heritage, making them widely accessible; raising the awareness of citizens concerning the value of their living territories, involving them in its management; rational use of cultural and natural resources for economic development and employment; preservation of biological and landscape diversity; and preservation of authentic culture, traditions, customs, believes, rituals; etc.

State management in the sphere of protection of cultural heritage, regional development and spatial planning of inhabited places, and protection of the environment is conducted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine through corresponding bodies of executive power and special governmental bodies: Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (MCU), Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine (MRDCU), Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine (MEPU).

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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