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Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine Concerning the Contractual Basis for Working in Culture Institutions will address guidelines for appointment of managers.


In 2014, the Ministry of Culture elaborated amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine concerning rates of taxes for touring activities.

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Ukraine/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music

A Law on Theatre and Performing Activities was adopted in 2004 by the Parliament of Ukraine and signed by the President in 2005. The Law "regulates social relations in the sphere of theatre activity, defines the order of theatre establishment and activities" including different types of theatres. In 2016, the Law of Ukraine On Some Amendments to Legislative Acts of Ukraine Concerning the Introduction of Contractual Form in Culture and the Competition Procedure for Appointing Managers of Public and Communal Cultural Establishments was adopted concerning theatre sphere as well. However, the contest procedure in theatres, as in other spheres, raised more questions and conflict situation, demanding next steps and corrections.

The Law on Touring Activities in Ukraine (2003) determines sources of support to the development of the national performing arts and music sector (see chapter 5.1.10).

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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