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Ukraine/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.9 Language laws

The main principles of language policy of Ukraine are presented and defined in the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine: Law on Languages, Law on Education, Law on Pre-School Education, Law on Secondary Education, Law on Vocational Technical Training, Law on Higher Education, Law on National Minorities in Ukraine, Law on Information, Law on Television and Radio Broadcasting, Law on Publishing, and Law on Printed Media (Press) in Ukraine. Besides, there are numerous normative and legal documents and government programmes formulating public policies in the area of national language and languages of national minorities.

On September 2017, Verkhovna Rada adopted a new Law of Ukraine On Education. Article 7 of the law states that instruction in secondary schools across Ukraine is to be conducted exclusively in Ukrainian. The provision changes the current situation, which is governed by the Law on the Principles of State Language Policy of 2012, that allows instruction to be provided in minority languages at schools in the regions where minorities represent more than ten per cent of the population – provided that the teaching of Ukrainian is ensured to the extent required for the socialisation of minority pupils (see chapter 4.2.5). 

In October 2017, the Law of Ukraine On amendments of some laws of Ukraine concerning language of audiovisual (electronic) media came into force. The law established a quota of 75% of programmes and films in Ukrainian for national TV channels and 60% for local channels, and 75% for news releases. According to the law, TV companies broadcasting in languages of nationalities living in Ukraine should have the total amount of broadcasting in Ukrainian and other languages at 75% of their working time, including no less than 30% in Ukrainian.

According to Transitional Provisions of the Law On amendments to some laws of Ukraine about the share of music pieces in the state language in programmes of TV and radio broadcasters, the share of songs in Ukrainian should constitute 30% instead of 25% as it was before. 

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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