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Ukraine/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.4 Social security frameworks

Chapter 6 (Social guarantees) of the Law on Culture (2011) establishes the structure and conditions of payment, social and legal security, material aid for cultural employees as well as benefits for those working in rural areas. The 2012 Budget Law envisaged the execution of Part 2 of Article 29 of the Law on Culture for transferring full tariff rates to cultural employees.

The government has established by Decree #1026 of 09.12.2015 that cultural employees of state and communal institutions would receive additional payment for 1) length of service (above 3 years – 10% of remuneration, above 10 years – 20%, above 20 years – 30%); 2) financial assistance for recuperation during vacation (salary); 3) financial assistance for social issues (salary).

Members of artists' unions (writers, painters, architects, musicians, theatre workers) have a right to receive a service pension, which is equal to the minimum pension. According to the law, they could also have access to premises for use as studios under preferential terms based on decisions by local authorities.

There is no government support programme related to health insurance or taxation for self-employed artists. The general unemployment schemes developed during the last years in Ukraine also include cultural professions and occupations.

See also comparative information provided in the Compendium "Themes!" section under "Status of Artists".

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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