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Ukraine/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.11 New technologies and digitalisation in the arts and culture

In 2011, the government of Ukraine has entrusted the Ministry of Culture and Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with creating a unified and generally accessible electronic library (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, #1094/0/16-11 as of 29 November 2011).

The electronic library "Culture of Ukraine" is shaped by the National Parliament Library of Ukraine to make accessible cultural heritage preserved in libraries, documents and parts of history to a wider audience.

So far, four collections of the electronic library have been formed:

  • history of culture, theory of culture, policy of culture;
  • arts;
  • ethnography (nations of Ukraine, tangible culture, spiritual culture); and
  • culture institutions (libraries, museums, archives, educational institutions, foundations, associations, societies, Ukrainian centres abroad).

The electronic library includes now more than 2100 editions and should become a part of the National electronic library.

The development of a digital library will be one of the main tasks of the new established Ukrainian Book Institute, with an envisaged budget of UAH 20 million (see chapter 4.3).

The practice of 3D tours is becoming more and more popular in Ukrainian museums and cultural reserves. For example, one can take a virtual excursion of the National Museum of History of Ukraine ( There are also 3D tours of the skansens of Ukraine (

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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