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Ukraine/ 4. Current issues in cultural policy development and debate  

4.1 Main cultural policy issues and priorities

On 6 January 2011, the new Law of Ukraine on Culture entered into force. The law defines the following priorities of the national cultural policy:

  • development of the culture of the Ukrainian nation, indigenous peoples and national minorities of Ukraine;
  • maintenance, restoration and protection of the historical environment;
  • aesthetic education of citizens, first of all, children and young people; and enlargement of the cultural infrastructure in rural areas (see also chapter 2.1).

According to the Long-term Development Strategy of Ukrainian Culture (Strategy of Reforms, 2016), strategic lines of reforms are:

  • the recognition of the core role of culture in national development and the exclusiveness of national identity based on Ukrainian culture; the strengthening of the role of culture in the social and economic development of Ukraine through interaction and increasing the responsibility of public agencies and civil society; the highest participation of stakeholders in development and realization of state cultural policy;
  • improvement and modernization of legal, structural and financing tools for cultural support;
  • ensuring accessibility to culture through traditional and new forms of cultural activity; ensuring state support for cultural diversity in Ukraine;
  • ensuring state support for the national cultural product and the leading role of artists and culture managers in the creation, distribution and preservation of the national cultural product;
  • development of demand and consumers of the modern cultural product and cultural services;
  • improvement of cultural and art education;
  • development of integral information and the cultural space;
  • support for innovations, new knowledge and skills, creative industries matching the challenges of the 21st century. 

Chapter published: 09-02-2018

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