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The objectives of the Ministry of Culture for 2015 and future years are outlined in section 2.3.

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Ukraine/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.3 Cultural policy objectives

The Law of Ukraine on Culture (2011) proclaims the following objectives or main principles:

  • acknowledgement of culture as one of main factors for self-expression of the Ukrainian nation, all indigenous peoples and national minorities;
  • contribution to the establishment of an integrated cultural space of Ukraine, preservation of culture integrity;
  • protection and preservation of cultural heritage as a basis of national culture, concern for cultural development;
  • efforts in strengthening humanistic ideas, high moral principles in social life;
  • providing freedom of creativity, protection of incorporeal rights, copyright and neighbouring rights;
  • assurance of civic rights in culture;
  • create conditions for individual creative development; increase cultural level; aesthetic education of citizens; availability of cultural education for children and youth, broadening of educational programmes through national museums, galleries, reserves, etc.; meeting the cultural needs of the Ukrainian nation, indigenous peoples, and national minorities; development of cultural institutions irrespective of form of ownership; attraction of investments; money from paid services; donations, other sources allowed by Law to Culture;
  • assistance in activity of professional associations and social culture organisations; creation of domestic (national) cultural product in the Ukrainian language and functioning of the Ukrainian language in the cultural space all over Ukraine; access of citizens to cultural goods;
  • determination of aesthetic education of children and youth as a priority of culture development;
  • assurance of activity of the basic network of cultural institutions, educational cultural establishments;
  • support of cultural activities related to production and distribution of electronic and print media, audio and visual products, development of computer technologies and an increase in their potential for enlargement of access and involvement of citizenship to cultural activities, etc.;
  • promotion of Ukrainian national culture in all its diversity abroad and global cultural achievements in Ukraine;
  • support of national cultural producers;
  • support of Ukrainian cultural life all over the world;
  • encouraging a Ukrainian character in the modern entertainment industry;
  • support of regional cultures and increasing importance of regional, district centres, cities with historic cultural traditions;
  • development of international cultural collaboration; and
  • establishment of an insurance fund for documentation on cultural values and documents on cultural heritage objects.

One of the main objectives of state cultural policy for 2015 is to provide access to national cultural values for various groups of the population impacted by the armed conflict in the eastern part of Ukraine (so called Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone) as well as to young people, disabled people and people living in remote areas and to involve the artistic community and civil society in the formulation of the long-term cultural strategy priorities.   

The Cabinet of Ministers' Action Programme and the Coalition Agreement determine the following objectives for the Ministry of Culture:

  • to place the main tasks and functions of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine in line with European principles and practices;
  • to elaborate and implement, together with other ministries and experts, the Ukrainian Humanitarian (Socio-Cultural) Strategy for 2025 providing cross-sector cooperation in economic and humanitarian spheres through harmonisation with other national level strategies and programme documents;
  • to elaborate a Bill on the National Cultural Product (2015) taking into account creation, distribution and consumption of national cultural product using diverse and efficient political and financial instruments, paying special attention among others, to copyright provisions and vigilance of international norms. To promote the Ukrainian national cultural product to the European and global cultural space;
  • to consider and attract new funding sources for culture (2015-2016);
  • to update libraries activities under digital reality challenges, especially in remote regions and rural areas;
  • to encourage reading and interest in books through special programmes and cultural events supporting authors and publishers, distributors and readers;
  • to support innovative initiatives in museums of all forms of ownership to present Ukrainian history and culture to numerous domestic and foreign visitors, transform museums into training and educational centres and points of civic activity;
  • to develop new stimuli for artists and cultural employees cancelling the old-fashioned system of ranks and awards; and
  • to provide a state guarantee for using all languages in everyday life and in contact between people, securing, at the same time, the steadfast use of the Ukrainian language as the single state language in all spheres of public life all over Ukraine. While protecting the right of Ukrainian citizens to access education, culture and services in Ukrainian, to stimulate, at the same time, foreign language learning, especially the languages of the European Union.

Chapter published: 05-06-2015

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