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Ukraine/ 2. General objectives and principles of cultural policy  

2.1 Main features of the current cultural policy model

Existing cultural policy is based on the Constitution of the Ukraine (1996, 2004, 2010), the Law of Ukraine on Culture (2011), the Law on Local Self-Governance (1997), the Budget Code of Ukraine (2011, with amendments in 2014), the Tax Code of Ukraine (2010, with amendments in December 2014), the Cabinet of Ministers' Action Programme and the Coalition Agreement between policy parties (see also chapter 2.3), the Cabinet of Ministers' Regulation on the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine of 3 September 2014.

Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine on Culture establishes that priorities of public cultural policy shall be determined by state programmes of social and economic development of Ukraine which should take into account aspects of cultural development. "The government shall create on a priority basis conditions for: development of culture of the Ukrainian nation, indigenous peoples and national minorities of Ukraine; maintenance, restoration and protection of the historical environment; aesthetic education of citizens, first of all, children and young people; and enlargement of the cultural infrastructure in rural areas."

According to the Budget Code, basic cultural services are provided and financed through local administrations including support for libraries, houses of culture, clubs, museums, theatres, exhibitions, etc. This means that local authorities are theoretically entitled to formulate their own cultural policies. According to the new Budget Law for 2015, they could make decisions on support and maintenance of existing cultural infrastructure, after endorsement with central authorities, while before, according to the Law on Culture, it was exclusively central government prerogative concerning public cultural organisations on the local level.

One of the main targets of the new cultural policy, as stated in the Coalition Agreement, is to develop a Bill on the National Cultural Product as a basis of the strategy for cultural development (see also chapter 2.3).

Chapter published: 05-06-2015

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