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Switzerland/ 5.2 Legislation on culture  

Note: A range of laws, decrees, and regulations exist at the cantonal and municipal levels which cannot be shown here.

At the end of 2009, Federal Parliament adopted the Culture Promotion Act. The Act conveys the federal government's cooperative mode of conduct – particularly with regard to the cantons, cities, and communes – and links the system of federal cultural promotion with the corresponding systems in the cantons, cities, and communes. The new Act establishes a legal basis for the cultural activities of the Confederation for the first time (see also

The following concrete aims are associated therewith:

  • the responsibilities of the Confederation toward the cantons, communes, and cities, which are primarily responsible for the promotion of culture, are subject to precise delimitation;
  • the division of tasks between the federal authorities responsible for the promotion of culture (FOC, PH, FDFA) are subject to clear regulation;
  • the cultural policy guidelines of the Confederation are determined; and
  • four-year payment frameworks are adopted to steer the Confederation's funding of culture (Dispatch on Culture), for the first time presumably for the 2012-2015 period. The Dispatch on Culture for 2016-2019 will be discussed in the national parliament in 2014.

Chapter published: 13-11-2014

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