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Switzerland/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.4 Social security frameworks

There is no comprehensive social security framework for artists in Switzerland. This was discussed within the context of the new Culture Promotion Act (2009), and proved to be one of the most controversial issues since Parliament partly took the view that this aspect should be rather part of a revised Social Security Act. The Culture Promotion Act stipulates (Article 9) that the Confederation and the Pro Helvetia Foundation transfer a percentage of the financial assistance granted to creative artists to the individual's pension fund or another form of financial provision. The Federal Council determines the percentage (see Article 9 CuPA), which is currently 12%.

This issue also takes major priority for umbrella associations, and some initial steps in this area have already been taken. To date, three voluntary Vorsorgeeinrichtungen (pension funds) in the area of film, the performing and dramatic arts, and music have existed; they are all private foundations, some are solidarity funds, while others are run by collecting societies. With the financial support of the Federal Office of Culture, "Suisseculture Sociale" (a social capital scheme for artists in need, which acts on the basis of subsidiarity) and "Suisseculture Contact" (an advice centre for artists), have been established.

See also comparative information provided in the Compendium "Themes!" section under "Status of Artists".

Chapter published: 13-11-2014

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