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Switzerland/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.9 Employment policies for the cultural sector

The studies undertaken by Zurich University of the Arts conclude that the cultural industries must be taken into consideration in developing a future-oriented cultural policy. Nevertheless, strategies to stimulate employment in the cultural sector are as yet only at an early stage in Switzerland. The present discussion on cultural policy stipulates for the first time different levels of dependencies between public support for culture and cultural industries. However, in the majority of cantons, there is evidence that the cultural and creative industries barely form part of economic policy or of endeavours to promote trade and industry, or indeed not at all. Observable are initial steps being made toward stabilising market structures (e.g., in the book market, for small CD-labels – in both cases with the circumspect support of Pro Helvetia) in order to provide artists with indirect support. The Canton of Zurich, as the most important location canton for the cultural and creative industries, and the Canton of Basel have actually elaborated strategies to integrate aspects of the cultural industries into the general economic strategy.

On the municipal level, however, various interesting initiatives can be observed. Thus, for instance, "Go – Ziel" is a private initiative in the City of Zurich that operates analogously to development cooperation models, by awarding microcredits to cultural and creative industries business ideas, and thereby achieves a sustainable impact.

Chapter published: 12-11-2014

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