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Switzerland/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and debates  

4.2.1 Conceptual issues of policies for the arts

The new Culture Promotion Act, which came into force on 1 January 2012, provides federal cultural policy with a more coherent shape. The Dispatch on Culture defines strategic aims for all federal-level cultural institutions for a period of four years (see chapter 4.1).

A new development within this context is that the Federal Office of Culture is devising federal awards for all creative areas, thereby expanding the provisions valid to date for music, literature, dance, arts, design and theatre. It supports music education and is developing a subsidy policy for cultural events with a national outreach and that especially addresses the general public.

Pro Helvetia is newly committed to talent advancement in all areas of culture and to strengthening its support of the arts and culture. It is also responsible for representing Switzerland at art and architecture biennales.

Promotion concepts are enacted in the form of ordinances and directives. Such concepts comprise promotion aims, promotion instruments, and the decision-making criteria for promotion endeavours (Article 17 CuPA).

The Culture Promotion Act also envisages closer cooperation between the federal government, cantons, cities, and communes, as well as cooperation with private individuals and organisations with regard to cultural exchange, the dissemination and communication of culture, access to culture, and the preservation of Switzerland's cultural heritage.

Chapter published: 12-11-2014

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