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Sweden/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.1 Key documents on cultural policy

Cultural Policy Commission: SOU 2009:16 Kulturutredningens slutbetänkande (with summary in English), Stockholm, 2009.

Flisbäck, Marita: A Survey of Artists’ Income from a Gender Perspective: Economy, Work, and Family Life. Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm, 2011.

Government of Sweden: Prop. 2009/10:3, Tid för kultur(The Government Bill on Culture). Stockholm, 2009.

Government of Sweden: Prop. 2016/17:1, The Budget Bill for 2017. Stockholm, 2016.

Swedish Internet Infrastructure Foundation: Svenskarna och Internet 2015 (with summary in English), Stockholm, 2015.

Nordicom Sweden: MedieSverige  2016, Göteborg 2016.

Swedish Agency for Cultural Analysis:Kulturanalys 2016. Stockholm, 2016.

Swedish Agency for Cultural Analysis: Samhällets utgifter för kultur 2015-2016 (with summary in English), Stockholm, 2016.

Chapter published: 16-05-2017

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