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Sweden/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

Sweden is a unitary state and thus only the national parliament (Riksdagen) has the power to pass legislation. However, local municipalities and regional County Councils have the power to tax the residents of their area. Cultural policy exists on all levels. Municipalities are traditionally responsible for public schools, culture and music schools, public libraries and leisure activities. Many of them also maintain museums, theatres and other cultural institutions, as do the County Councils and other regional authorities.

The administrative relationship between the national government and the regional authorities has been under discussion in the last decade. In cultural policy, this discussion has resulted in a new model for negotiation and evaluation that will give the regional authorities more freedom in how to use grants from the national government in their own cultural policies (see chapter 4.1).

Chapter published: 16-05-2017

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