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Sweden/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.1 Overview of main structures and trends

Sweden has traditionally been very active in international cooperation in a number of cultural policy related organisations and contexts. Sweden has for example actively promoted the decision of the UN to establish the World Commission on Culture and Development. There is also a strong tradition of Nordic cooperation in the cultural field, with several institutions, including The Nordic Ministers Culture Fund.

Most of the leading government agencies and institutions have their own international networks. Such networking appears to be increasingly important in many areas. With a more decentralised cultural policy comes an increased interest in international networks and cooperation on the regional and local levels as well.

The government currently prioritises the following areas:

  • development of strategies for internationalisation in various fields within arts and culture;
  • continued development of the international and intercultural cooperation of government agencies;
  • promoting of national arenas for international and intercultural work;
  • cooperation across the borders between policy areas; and
  • acting actively for cultural issues within EU, UNESCO and Nordic cooperation.

Chapter published: 16-05-2017

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