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Support your Compendium

In recent years the Compendium has been subject to budgetary cuts, and providing the former level of service has become challenging. If you find the information and research possibilities of the Compendium as useful as we do, and you would like to see these continuously enhanced and updated, we would be grateful if you could make a small donation via PayPal, credit card or direct bank transfer.

As little as €10 per year from 10 000 users would provide the Compendium with an adequate budget. Those among you relying on the Compendium in their daily work might even like to consider becoming a regular sponsor, which would be duly acknowledged on our website.
Alternative forms of assistance could be to provide us with feedback or annotated links to documents and research. In addition, you could also consider to join our community of practice as an expert.

The Compendium community is grateful for all forms of support, many  thanks in advance!

ERICarts gGmbH is a non-profit-making company under German Law and all donations will exclusively be used for the purpose of running/improving the Compendium project, controlled by the Council of Europe.


Donors can make direct bank transfers, including international transfers, to our German account.

Bank Transfer:

Account holder: ERICarts gGmbH - COMPENDIUM
Bank: Deutsche Bank Bonn
IBAN: DE56380700590031050803



For donations of 50 EUR and more a tax-deductible donation receipt will be submitted to you via email.

Sponsors providing 100 EUR and more will be acknowledged in a "Compendium Supporters" list on the homepage (except if you add: "no public recognition" in the reference).