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Spain/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.3 Grants, awards, scholarships

The most common tools for providing support to artists and creators in Spain are prizes and grants. At the national level, the main body responsible for these awards is the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, via its Directorate for Fine Arts and Cultural Assets and for Archives and Libraries, Directorate for Cultural Industries and Book Policy and the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music and the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts.

The website of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport includes a section with information about the latest calls for scholarships, grants and subsidies made by the directorates and agencies of the Ministry. There are also various online media that contain extensive information on scholarships and awards for artists, such as the portals Masdearte, Arteinformado, El Cultural, Fábrica Cultural or Arte y Mercado.

Regarding awards, in recent years, the Ministry of Culture has established a more rational policy in the awarding of prizes in all areas of creation: "National Awards" (e.g. Fine Arts, Film and Audiovisual, Books Reading and Writing, Performing Arts and Music, Historic Heritage, Cultural Industries and Bullfighting) aimed at recognising the work of Spanish artists for a year; "Gold Medals for Merit in Fine Arts" in recognition of an outstanding professional career; the Order of Arts and Letters, in recognition of those who contribute substantially to the international dissemination of Spanish culture; the "Miguel de Cervantes Award" for literature in the Castilian Language is the highest recognition granted to a creative work of Spanish and Latin American writers whose work has contributed to the notable enrichment of the literary heritage of the Spanish language; or the "Velázquez Visual Arts Prize" that awards institutional recognition to a creator whose work stands out and holds special significance in the field of visual arts. In addition to these, the State Secretariat for Culture awards other prizes in the areas of Promotion of Art, Books, Reading and Letters and Performing Arts and Music. In 2014, two of the winners have renounced the distinction granted by the Ministry arguing the enormous disinterest and serious incompetence of the government in the defence and promotion of art and its creators.

Regarding scholarships, in addition to the traditional ones aimed at broadening professional experience (see chapter 3.4.2 and chapter 4.2.3), in 2010, the Ministry of Culture joined the Halma Network, a network of European literary institutions that helps to connect European cultural and literary scenes. With the aim of spreading Spanish Literature abroad and supporting Spanish writers, the Ministry provides a residency of two-months in European literary centres to Spanish writers.

See also chapter 8.1.1.

Chapter published: 24-06-2015

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