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Spain/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.2 Basic data about selected public institutions in the cultural sector

Data on cultural institutions have been taken from the "Cultural Statistics Yearbook" published by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. As shown in Table 5, the general trend in recent years has been the increase in publicly owned cultural institutions. The most significant growth has occurred in moveable cultural assets which increased by 184% in the period 2006-2013 (from 4 346 to 12 347). They were followed by symphonic orchestras which grew by 38% (from 123 to 170), and dance companies (both public and private ones) which grew by 34% (from 683 to 913), over the same period.

At the lower extreme, theatre companies (public and private companies) and public music schools experienced a decrease of 4.5% and 0.6% respectively between 2006 and 2013.

The analysis for the 2008-2013 period shows the effects of the economic crisis in all public institutions, that either intensify their decline (this would be the case for theatre companies and public music schools), experience a negative evolution (public scenic spaces) or decrease their paths of growth (in all other cases).

Table 5:     Cultural institutions financed by public authorities, by domain


Cultural institutions (subdomains)

Number (Year)

Trend (++ to --)

Cultural heritage

Real state assets (recognised)

14 870 (2013)



Moveable cultural assets (recognised)

12 347 (2013)



Public museums and museographic collections

992 (2012)



Archives (of public authorities)**

841 (2012)


Visual arts

public art galleries / exhibition halls




Art academies (or universities)



Performing arts

Symphonic orchestras

170 (2013)



Music schools

1 043 (2013)



Music / theatre academies
(or universities)




Public and stable scenic spaces for theatre

1 110 (2013)



Public concert halls

375 (2013)



Public dance schools

188 (2013)



Dance and ballet companies (no distinction among public and private)

913 (2013)



Theatre companies (no distinction among public and private)

3 227 (2012)


Books and Libraries

Libraries (public local, regional, national)

5 622 (2012)



Broadcasting organisations




Socio-cultural centres / cultural houses



Source:     Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (several years) Cultural Statistics Yearbook.
Notes:       na: not available.
*                 + Growth of less than 5% / + + Growth equal and over 5% for the period 2006-2012, or 2006-2013, according to last data available.
**              State-owned archives, extracted from the Census-Guide of Spanish and Latin American archives.

Chapter published: 24-06-2015

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