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In the period 2006-2012, per capita public expenditure on culture decreased in nominal terms by 25% (and 34.5% at constant prices for 2011).

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Spain/ 6.2 Public cultural expenditure  

6.2.1 Aggregated indicators

Total public culture expenditure per capita in 2012 was EUR 101.9, which represents a decrease of 19.4% over the previous year. By levels of government, the per capita expenditure of the central government (in 2012) amounted to EUR 16.5, and that of the Autonomous Communities and local governments was EUR 27.2 and EUR 58.2 respectively. The per capita figure varies widely from region to region. Using the liquidated regional expenditure on culture for 2012, the highest amount per capita allocated by an Autonomous Community was Navarre, at EUR 56.8, followed by the Basque Country (EUR 49.4), and Catalonia (EUR 37.7). At the lower extreme were the Canary Islands (EUR 8.7), the Balearic Islands (EUR 8.9), and Aragón (EUR 15.1).

In the period 2006-2012, for which comparable data are available, the evolution of per capita public expenditure on culture was negative. Overall, the expenditure decreased in nominal terms by 25% (and 34.5% at constant prices for 2011). By levels of government, Autonomous Communities had the highest decrease (34.1% in nominal terms, which represents a decrease of 42.6% in real terms), followed by the local government (21.5% and 31.7%, respectively) and finally by the central government (17.9% and 28.5%, respectively) Traditionally, the greater proximity of citizens to local governments has led the latter to invest more resources in this sector, showing the high degree of territorial decentralisation of the Spanish cultural policy (see also Table 2).

Public expenditure on culture accounted for approximately 0.46% of Spanish GDP and 0.9% of the total public expenditure in 2012. Both indicators have had a negative evolution during the period 2006-2012: while public spending on culture in relation to GDP has decreased by 0.14 percentage points compared to 2006 (in which public spending on culture accounted for 0.6% of GDP), public spending on culture has decreased by 0.6 percentage points (1.5% in 2006), compared to total public expenditure.

Chapter published: 24-06-2015

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